The Falls of Konjac Industry

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Konjac is a “Diamond” within all Indonesia’s farming industry due to its economic value and the high in demand globally. Where Konjac could grow relatively easy on any soil condition, but a proper management is necessary to get the maximum benefits, such as: size of harvested konjac, number of seeds growing, intensity of Glucomann -an, and many more.

In recent year, many people from different background started to have a big interest to grow Konjac in different ways, either planting in their own land or by investing in certain farming company with just one purpose, which is “GREED” after hearing news from Vloggers or Youtubers or Gossip without doing a deeper study. With many demands on Konjac Seeds to supply the opening of a vast new konjac plantation all over region of Indonesia, coming along a Bad trading activity and a bad planting method to boost their production.

Many people are using a Chemical to boost the growth of Konjac or to prevent pest and doing the harvest not in the right time. As we all need to know, a good konjac seed must be harvested in a certain season in keep it alive for replanting purposes. When the seeds are harvested in a wrong time and wrong way, they are all going to die, or decay might occur which no longer usable to replant. Hence, we are all must agree on 2 ways. First, do deep study on how to grow Konjac and secondly, find a Konjac specialize company to work together.

Mitra Porang Nusantara

Mitra Porang Nusantara

PT. Mitra Porang Nusantara was established in early 2020 taking role in Konjac farm cultivation in Sumatera Island, Indonesia. Our aim is to become the “Central Distribution” of Konjac trading in Indonesia.

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