MPN is a company specialized in Konjac/Porang farming and management.

.our services

Either you plan to start small or big, always find your best possible partner

01. Growing Process

Our company will provide and share a wide range of Konjac Cultivation Management Programs to suit our clients need.

02. Consulting

You may choose to get our supervising through social massaging apps (WhatsApp) or either having us to come to your field directly.

03. Quality Control

We are always tight in managing the whole trade process. We are working with many instances in order to achieve the requirement from each of our Trade-Partners.

04. Conditional Terms

We are here, open handedly welcome any investors or farmers that wish to work together following both agreement.

.Our Farm

MPN Yellow Konjac Plantation in Sumatera

There are many factor that trigger how konjac grows in different region in Indonesia. But in general, Konjac has a similiar steps by step growing process.

01. MPN Plantation

We started off with 10 Ha of konjac plantation in 2020 and growing further since.

02. Plasma System

This system allow us creating an opportunity to help and assist a sum number of farmers to be independent.

03. Partner

We do partnership program with some “institution” for research purposes and “Bank” to create a more systematic ecosystem of Konjac farm in Indonesia

04. Investor

We have lead many form of collaboration projects such as supervision services to investment program where we take care the whole process.

Untitled1 MITRA PORANG NUSANTARA Indonesia Integrated Konjac Manufacturer. Produce High Quality Konjac Products That Meet Domestic and International Standard. Our Service
.why choose us

We promise high quality service and product

MPN meets the Requirements of Recommended International Code of Practice HACCP System and Guidelines for its application and is registered within the MUTU Certification scheme.

01. Delivery Service

All products are sorted and packed properly before delivery process under trustable delivery company

02. Trustworthy

We are entrusted by many konjac farmers from all over Indonesia to provide greate quality of konjac seed

03. Recycled

We are using a net packaging that can be re-use for many times to provide better air circulation during transport

04. Organicforce

Almost 90% Organic fertilizer ingredients are being used with a systematic arrangement

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.Our Factory

MPN Konjac Factory in Sumatera

Our factory is located in Perawang city, state of Siang, Riau. Our building structure, machinery lines, material standard, and SOP are following International standard. Hence, we are also the only Konjac Factory in Sumatera island, Indonesia with supply comes from our owned over 200 Ha of managed Konjac fields.


Looking for the consultation?

If you have any question regarding our company or related to Konjac Field, please do contact us right away.