Our Factory

There are many factors that trigger how konjac grows in different region on Indonesia.

MPN Konjac Factory in Sumatera

Our factory is located in Perawang City, State of Siak, Riau. We are already opened since early 2022 with over 10,000 tons of fresh konjac year processing capability. Our building structure, machinery lines, material standard, and SOP are following International standard. Hence, we are also the only konjac factory in Sumatera Island. Indonesia with supply comes from our owned over 200 ha of managed konjac fields.

Our processign line is involving high technology machineries to maintain the quality of end product. Five layers oven system is applied to get a konjac chip moister down to 13% within 3 hours time and combination fo hammering grinder, universal puverize with cyclone dust remover to produce konjac powder with particle size adjustable from 40 meshes to 130 meshes.

Our konjac powdering and packaging lines are station at a separate bulding inside a sterilize room with controlled environment temperature in 20 degree of Celsius to maintain the quality products.


Plan Your future with us

We offer all farmers and investors a range of konjac consulting and farming solutions, and agronomic services designed to increase growers yields and maximize profitablility.

Our production line accepts all konjac with certain criteria:

  • Weight 800 grams and above
  • Clean from soil and root
  • Refraction 2% – 7%
  • Good quality of packaging
  • Our partner can earn more benefits
  • Price will follow market and risk calculation

Looking for the consultation?

If you have any question regarding our company or related to Konjac Field, please do contact us right away.